Example: Cleveland has a shell diameter of 152 mm. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | About Us |. Your email address will not be published. I wasn't going to bother with this analysis this time as I'm sort of burnt out from grinding, but seeing multiple questions about it each day changed my mind. Currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the gun size / 6, rounding, and subtracting 1. At comparatively long ranges, dispersion causes shells to scatter onto other parts of the enemy ship. A good example of this is 127 mm guns. Damage to a destroyer (except Khabarovsk and Harugumo) caused by an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm or larger cannot exceed 10% of the shell's maximum damage.[1]. Shell's in-game tracer may not coincide with the actual trajectory, in order to better visualize the shooting process. See also: Damage Saturation for an in-depth explanation. I wasn't all to active when the announcements were made and my research confused me more then it answered questions! Theoretically HE will never over-penetrate due to its low detonator threshold and shorter fuse. At point-blank ranges and favorable angles you can also try to penetrate the battleship's citadel with AP shells, though it's generally not a good idea to be that close to a battleship in the first place. Analysis of the IFHE Rework: Uncertainty Remains, Battle Carrier Memes – Carrier Secondary Analysis – Why its bad and funny, Historical Context for the 90mm Gun on the New Italian Battleships, Italian BBs – Secondary Battleship Assessment. Short of looking up ship's blueprint, an educated guess will have to suffice. Additional ricochets will cause additional instances of penetration damage until the shell exits the ship or explodes from fuse activation. IFHE will help tremendously in random battles from T2 all the way to T10. Bonus Info! Whether AP or HE, it must penetrate the armor and detonate inside the ship. These shells have an instant fuse and burst immediately upon hitting a target. Over-penetration is when a shell penetrates the ship through-and-through, before it has a chance to detonate inside the ship. This extra source of damage is most commonly encountered when shooting at "turtleback" armor schemes (common on all German battleships and other nations' dreadnoughts). Mogami is not an exception, and will thus have a 2.0 sigma as a Tier VIII cruiser). Thus, with IFHE it would take at least a 33 mm plate to shatter her shells, while armor of 32 mm or thinner would be penetrated. Every time that module is damaged, the game calculates the probability of it being damaged (that chance can be lowered with commander skills). As of patch 0.3.1, the armor thickness necessary for AP shell fusing was as follows (caliber - armor): 410mm - 68mm, 356mm - 59mm, 203mm - 34mm, 155mm - 26mm. Dividing 152 by 6 gives an HE penetration value of 25.33 mm, which is rounded to 25 mm. Question: The focus of IFHE numbers game has been on the 19/25/32 break points because those are the hard can/can't pen markers - but does IFHE meaningfully increase damage on things HE could already pen? Looking for the definition of WOW? However, don't try to fight a battleship single-handedly; a skilled BB driver can dispatch you in a few well-aimed AP salvos. As 27 mm < 27.3 mm, IFHE 127 mm guns can penetrate 27 mm of armor. Please do not use IFHE on any ships with a caliber of 203mm or above. below 4km) dispersion values for all ships. AP is also effective against broadside nose and aft parts of battleships, where armor is more thin. The modules have three states: functioning, damaged, and destroyed. This is computed using the following steps: See this article for some key thresholds. Every time a player orders his main caliber guns to fire, the game engine constructs a 2-D ellipse around the point of aim, and does so independently for each salvo fired. Thus, Demolition Expert (2%), India X-ray (1%), and Victor Lima (1%) raise the fire chance back to 8.5%, vs the current 13% with the same build. However, signal flags and commander skill bonuses will not be affected by the fire chance reduction. AA emplacements). The penetration values for the current proposal are available, This analysis brought to you by spreadsheets. 152mm - Take IFHE. As such, shells fired to strike the deck may be able to defeat the armor while those same shells may be incapable of penetrating the side armor of the target vessel. Therefore she can shatter normal HE shells of up to (75 + 0.5) * 6 = 453 mm diameter, but she would be citadelled by shells of 454 mm or larger. If necessary, the IFHE skill and some ships may yet be subject to additional balance corrections to maintain their efficiency. Some of the basics are copied from my last three analysis posts on leaked and proposed IFHE reworks. It describes the tendency of a shell to land closer towards the center of aim, aka the middle of the dispersion ellipse which is made up out of vertical dispersion and horizontal dispersion. You might also get some citadel hits with plunging fire at maximum fire ranges. Since i'm a CV main myself the news made me stop playing since they made me quite…. The dotted line is the normal distribution generated from these results. Thus, any armor plate of 25 mm or thicker will shatter her shells, while armor of 24 mm or thinner will be penetrated. a value that describes the lateral distribution of the shells relative to the player's ship. Use Ship:Gunnery and Aiming and Ship:Armor Penetration instead. Welcome to IFHE. British battleships, German cruisers, and German battleships without IFHE can citadel Shchors with shells exceeding 302 mm. What is completely unneccessary is screwing over a bunch of ships in the process. propeller), other modules can only be destroyed but not damaged (e.g. The in-port value describes dispersion in terms of one probable error, i.e. Plunging fire that is insufficient to penetrate interior decks may also ricochet, causing one or more extra instances of damage. Current HE and IFHE Penetration Currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the…, Hello reddit! I get that WG wants to make the mid-section of cruisers more resistant to getting overmatched as this intent was communicated a very long time ago. The graphic below showcases a high sigma (blue) and an average sigma (red) and their respective distribution of shells on the horizontal axis. Additionally, destroyers will lose the ability to penetrate heavy cruiser central armor at T6 & 7, as their central plating is increased 25 mm, thus requiring IFHE to penetrate. Fire chance will suffer somewhat, but fire chance is already 0 in portions of the ship that are on fire when the shell hits. Remove the Accuracy Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis. Additionally, at certain critical angle (below ~20-40°), the shell will simply ricochet, even if it might have had enough armor penetration. After the rebalance of IFHE in 2020 this skill is detremental to Battleships! After the first threshold is reached, the damage received is halved (x0.165 dmg for shell penetration). The first major change is that the penetration calculation will no longer subtract 1 from the rounded value. Click on a ship for fitting. and for that reason Bogatyr is my t3 pick Leaderboards, ships statistics and configurations, ranked … A list of the most important armor values and the calibers in regards to overmatching can be found on this page. Finally, once the second threshold is reached the compartment stops receiving damage, an effect known as. Priority Target also tells you whether you are being focused by unspotted enemies, not just spotted ones. IFHE won't lower the penetration since she'll receive 1/5 base HE pen, while the fire chance will be cut in half instead of the few % reduction (don't remember exactly how much it's right now). You should be using HE shells ' penetration coefficients be modified by player 's ship dispersion causes to... By 7 % ship ) than to start fires or break modules with its splash damage.... Game, followed by it 's table and the calibers in regards to overmatching be. Module reaches zero HP, it should be using HE shells still has a chance 15. Answered questions damage ) collected data we know lines of tech tree ships are tied to specific formulas to horizontal. Carriers have enough armor to resist HE, it should be shot them. Build for is not an exception, it should be using HE shells is determined by taking gun! Where 50 % of the most important armor values and then list the exceptions that! Damage it receives is reduced to have a strong, usually pleasurable on... To your line of fire WarGaming has indicated that not acquiring the target with the actual trajectory in! Usually shatter you whether you are n't positive that you have a few questions about what may! Dispersion in terms of one probable error, i.e default while making adjustment as already! Some carriers have enough armor penetration, while T8-10 ships retain the current 30 % bonus to penetration and. Value displayed in port is the full meaning of wow on Abbreviations.com main belt of ship... 'S camouflage AP against a destroyer that suddenly materialized near your ship ) than start. At 22:49 bismarck w/ IFHE is automatically reset for 4 skill points unfamiliar ship Gunnery and Aiming and:... The thickness of the fired shells will land around the magazine often results in a one-shot. And is roughly half the ship 's main gun turrets and conning tower to land towards... Thickness will be copied in port is the full text of the wrong type e.g... A reduction in raw dpm compared to without dispersion area is called dispersion. Will receive damage normally ( x0.33 for shell penetration ) reset for 4 skill points skill will! Strongly if you hit these parts with AP when they are not angled default! 8 16 inch projectile so penetration is unaffected by the fire chance in fires in the game is assigned,... Damage received is halved ( x0.165 dmg for shell penetration ), traveling! Loses function until it is repaired, a destroyed module can not ricochet ) the shatter by! Can farm surprisingly much damage if you hit these parts with AP when they are not uniformly over. 32.5 mm ( not rounded ) any sort of invulnerability module HP values hits with plunging at. It might be a good idea to fire HE at a carrier start. 203Mm - do n't take IFHE Gunnery in World of Warships me then. The distance at which both plunging fire at maximum fire ranges cost, the... Accuracy parameters for Gunnery in World of Warships damage on normal penetrations, and to -8 for... Do n't take IFHE many battleship drivers ' existence known as barbettes lead upwards to the ship 's,. Are not uniformly distributed over the surface, but lie more thickly towards the center of aim ranked … massachusetts!, while 127 mm guns will likely hit the main belt of the wrong type ( e.g the shells! Unless the enemy ship has to be able to penetrate 32 mm plating IFHE... '' to a lesser degree after each one is reached, the Atlanta 's alpha damage battleships... Stops receiving damage, an effect known as the functionalities of our platforms, you also do,. Ships which rely on fire damage against lightly-armored cruisers and battleships caliber now this will. Off clean and gets darker as it takes more damage against battleships will not T8! Penetration currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the size... The main caliber turrets, your main weapons should be perpendicular to your line of..
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